So how important is a decent headshot for your own self brand?

In today’s digital world the first place someone goes to find out information about you is social media. What is the first thing that they see? A dodgy drunken picture of you from a night out or a great headshot that makes you look presentable and professional?

A great headshot is the difference between winning that next contract, or landing that next dream job. Your face is your brand and you need to sell yourself. Show people you are serious about your work and your business. Book your next LinkedIn headshot now!


A Kent based photographer, who loves to dive, fish & travel.

I haven’t yet conquered every continent or dived in every sea but with my love of photography each year the world becomes smaller. Whether it is shooting Classic Fords in Malta or exploring the oceans to discover global warming issues in Asia photography takes me places I could have never imagined. I have never been able to paint with a paint brush, nor sketch the perfect face but understanding the properties of light has allowed me to paint with light and create beautiful images. By the passion and love I have for photography; it makes me who I am. I look forward to meeting you, having some fun and creating something together that will inspire others.


Classic Ford, American Car, Custom Car, Retro Cars, Performance Vauxhall, Total 911, Rose Bruford College, Bourne Road Garage, The Vintners Company, The Fishmongers Company, The Worshipful Company of Glovers, Bacchanalia Masband, The Bead Pot et al.